About Us » What we offering

About Us » What we offering


  We are a family business which invites travelers from all corners   We would love to welcome you to our comfortable appartments for short or long stay visits.   of the world to become familiar with the friendly atmosphere of the capital city of Greece.

The apartments are situated in safe and quiet residential neighbourhoods of Athens, in brand new condominiums close to transportation means guarantying that day or night never be far from the action, business or simply fun.  Many activities and walks are accessible by foot.  It constitutes the best solution for those who would like to combine their business activities with vacation and fun in total comfort.  It ideally suits small families with simple and elegant single and double rooms.

Our 12 year experience in tourism encourages a sociable atmosphere. We have been happy to receive people from all corners of the globe.  Interaction with our guests has allowed us to share travel experiences and to appreciate their lifestyle and culture.  Nevertheless, Greece is known for the sense of hospitality. We cater for everyone, especially young and the YOUNG at heart people who are looking for relaxing, active & fun filled holidays in the sun and beach.

We are here to assist you.

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